Welcome to Omni Holistic Centre, Centre for Reiki and Meditation and much more............

Omni Holistic Centre offers different healing systems based on non traditional methods without medicine andwithout side effects for all acute and chronic problems on all levels like Physical, Mental, Emotional, Psychological, Aura and Spiritual etc. The Omni Holistic Centre is an organisation which conducts reiki and meditation programs from time to time in India and abroad. It started its operations from 11th Dec'98. In this period of time, we have conducted lectures, seminars and healing sessions at different places in our country".

The main aim of Omni Holistic Centre is to spread the messsage of non-medicinal, non-toxic and drug free society for the people of India and the abroad. We also invite people to discuss different alternative systems of medicine which may be beneficial for the people and society. In this regard our Organisation offers some new avenues which are open to all who wish to share their work and contribution in the field of alternative medicine.

The Omni Holistic Centre is also involved in healing different diseases even on distant level. We also have energy oil combinations for different purposes of healing. We have seen miraculous results on all acute and chronic problems mainly connected with the central nervous system. Dr. Sameer Kale is the founder of the Omni Holistic Centre and he himself has been practicing Reiki for 21 years and meditation programs for 33 years.

We invite you to take distant healing for different problems of life. You have to send your one passport size photograph, case history and recent conditions of the healee with necessary fees. If you want to understand the vibrations of the energy at the time of distant healing, you have to tell us your time of resting. The reiki energy flows beyond time and space and it has no connection with caste, creed, religion, psychological or mental or emotional status of the healee.

The founder of the Omni Holistic Centre takes care of all healees and trainees for himself and also guides people who wish to do better in the field of reiki and meditation. We also conduct different personality development programs for reiki healers and masters/grand masters. Dr.Sameer Kale is always committed for the growth of Omni Systems. Keeping this in view, you can also have Distant Attunements from him for different systems of Omni Healing.

The Omni Holistic Centre is always keen to join hands with people who really wish to excel in the field of Reiki and Meditation. You can always join with us and share your experiences for the betterment of the society.

Dr.Sameer Kale, the founder of the Omni Holistic Centre is the Founder of the Omni Healing, Omni Sutra , Omni Sai Sutra, Omni Anugrah, Omni Saitva, Omni Sphatic, Omni Shiva, Omni Shakti and Omni Karma etc. All these Omni systems have trademark and registered so no one can use them without the permission of the founder. Dr.Sameer Kale is also the Master Teacher for Traditional Reiki,Osho Neo Reiki and Karuna Reiki. He is an independent teacher of Magnified Healing and different Meditation Programs. Please note that Dr.Sameer Kale made few Masters in different Omni Systems in the world. If someone claims to have been attuned in Omni systems, please verify with Dr.Sameer Kale first.

Consult your problems of life with Dr.Sameer Kale. Also call for Distant Healing,Distant Attunements, Councelling, Aura and chakra balancing, Scanning and Beaming and Ramal Astrology consultations etc.

You can become our co-ordinator in your country. Organise different programs all over your country or the world and join the mainstream of Reiki Masters and Master Teachers.