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International Center of Reiki, Omni and Ramal Astrology
Ramal Astrology
Know yourself, your compatibility with others and your future with most ancient Ramal Astrology derived from MAHABHARAT. This is oldest about 5000 years old Astrology based upon 9 Planets and 5 Elements. Very different from Traditional Astrology and accurate. All solutions are available for your life problems.
Omni Healing
Omni Healing is advanced system of Reiki developed by Sameer Kale of India in 1997. It includes 5 sacred symbols and mantras in Basic or Level-I. With Omni Healing, you can work for Physical, Mental, Emotional, Psychological, Karmic, Aura and Spiritual Level problems. In this program, powerful Attunement, complete teaching and certificate is provided. Distant Attunement is possible.
Omni Shakti
Omni Shakti is one of the most powerful and advancement system of Reiki. Sameer Kale of India developed this system. Omni Shakti can be learnt for clearing Chakra blockages, Eenergy boosting in chakras and working on Physical, Mental, Emotional and Psychological levels. It includes 1 sacred symbol, mantra, necessary teaching, powerful Attunement and certificate as well. Distant Attunement is possible.
Omni Vichar
Omni Vichar is one of the new program developed by Dr. Sameer Kale. Based upon our thought patterns it directly works on our Mental, Emotional and Psychological Levels to provide us total health, Prosperity and overall growth in life. Very powerful program and Distant Attunement is possible.
Omni Kshitij
This is latest Program developed by Dr.Sameer Kale "Shivanand" . The word KSHITIJ means "SUPREME HEIGHT". Here it correlates with boosting up the energy level. This program is good for those who really want to understand themselves. If you are concerned about your emotions, energy vibrations, ups and downs of mood and mind, then you definitely need Omni Kshitij program. This program includes powerful attunement, necessary teaching, one symbol, mantra and certificate as well. Again, you have option to take Distant Attunement for Omni Kshitij.
Omni Prabhav
This is very unique system developed by Dr. Sameer Kale himself. Based upon Mantras, you can work with different precious metals and stones. Purpose is definitely overall growth in life. This program provides powerful Attunement that can be done even distantly.
Omni Hast Shastra
Omni Hast Shastra is very new and powerful system of Omni. It includes our Palms and Fingertips energy. One can work on Mental, Psychological, Emotional, Karmic and Spiritual Levels. This program include very powerful Attunement and Mantra. Anyone can learn in easy steps even on Distant. Explore the possibilities of your palms and fingertips...
Omni Shiva ( Rudraksh Therapy)
Omni Shiva is the system of Omni developed by Sameer Kale of India. This system explains about combination of Yang and Yin energy. This is a system working with Rudrakshas. You have very powerful Attunement , One Symbol and One Mantra to work with your Chakras and Rudrakshas. You can charge any Rudraksh, water and oil for therapeutic use. So, lets come forward and learn this unique system of Omni Shiva...
Counselling, Scanning & Beaming Sessions
Counselling is looking at the Chakras, Scanning does the balancing of energy and Beaming protects the Chakras from all negative energies. This is available at Omni Holistic Center, Bhopal ( India).
Omni Karma
Feel the power and change within you after indulging in our new program OMNI KARMA based upon meditations and counselling. It is basically a past life regression program without hypnosis.
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Omni Holistic Center is situated at Kolar Road, Bhopal, MADHYA PRADESH. The Omni Holistic Center (ISO 9001:2015) has its Head Office at Kolar Road, Bhopal. Dr. Sameer Kale is the Founder of Omni Holistic Center and its a reputed name in the field of Alternative Medicine with different Systems of Reiki, Meditation and Ramal Astrology. 
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