Omni Holistic Center, Bhopal ( India) provides different Reiki, Omni teachings, Ramal Astrology Consultation and different Healing Methods as well.

Counselling is actually checking energy level in Chakra system. This method is useful to know strong and weak chakras and energy centers in our body. 


Scanning refers to clearing and balancing of Chakras. This is done to clear any blocked energy and negative energy in body  and chakras. This clears our chakras and we feel happy and healed with this process. 


Beaming is a process to restore energy and chakras after removing negative or bad energies. If blockages disturb our energy levels then Beaming is always a better option to do. Its basically a restoration process. 


For those who wish to get healing distantly and unable to come personally to my Center, Distant healing is preferable. For this one must send his/her latest photo, full name, complete date of birth, address and fee to my email address and bank account. Distant Healing is done on monthly basis. Its fee varies from case to case.