The Karuna Reiki was developed by William Rand. This Reiki works well on Emotional, Mental and Psychological Levels. This also includes the attunement, Meditations and Healing techniques. Those who wish to work on the Karmic Levels, this is for them. The Karuna Reiki provides 8 symbols in total including Level 1 and 2. In Karuna Reiki, one can do level 1 and 2 both together. The programs for Level 1, Level 2 and Mastership are organised. SHRI SHIV SAI has guided me for various forms of attunements in the Karuna Reiki system. We have about 400 methods of attunements available with us for all levels upto the Grand Master Level. In the Karuna Reiki, we attune people on the lower chakras preferably from the Heart Chakra and below for the total benefit of the Karuna Reiki. Here is the Chakra Chart. All programs include the necessary literature, attunement, teachings and the certificate too.