Introduced by Sameer Kale in 1997 
 Omni Healing is the only one system of healing which has focused on Attunements up to the Grand Master Levels. I have been guided and attuned by the SHRI SHIV SAI in the meditative state up to Shri Shiv Sai (Combination of pure energies of Shirdi Sai, Satya Sai and Shiva)the Great Grand Master Levels. Thus, in the Omni Healing, teachings and Attunements are available for Level-I, Level-II, Master Healer or IIIA, Master Level or IIIB and Grand Master Levels. During the teachings and guidance of the Omni Healing, I have been taught about 350 methods for all levels on average, to attune people. In the Omni Healing, we can withdraw the energy of a person if we find any misuse of this unique energy by the healer or teacher any time. In other words, we don’t allow anyone to misuse the powers of the Omni Healing System. SHRI SHIV SAI has also focused on different reiki systems like the Traditional Reiki, Osho Neo Reiki, Karuna Reiki etc. Some more new avenues are opened up for these different reiki systems and due to the Omni Healing guidance I could improve the other systems of reiki also.
Our Gratitude to my spiritual guide and guru “SHRI SHIV SAI” for guiding me in my meditative state for almost all different reiki systems including the Omni Healing which is the fastest, new and advanced system of Reiki Healing.This is the most powerful Reiki program. The Omni provides healing on faster rate. The Omni is an ultimate result of guidance and messages given by the Supernatural Power “THE SHIV SAI”. Dr. Sameer Kale was initiated, guided and attuned by the Shiv Sai in a view to promote the entirely new system of healing.
The Omni started on 7th April, 1997 and the Shiv Sai gave all necessary teachings regarding the healing on all levels including the physical, Mental, Psychological, Emotional, Spiritual and also the Karmic Levels. The Omni Healing system is about 300 times more powerful than the traditional or Usui Reiki. In the level I itself you learn the Distant or Absent Healing and Intention healing options which normally we learn in the level II of Traditional or Usui Reiki. This system allows us to heal someone on a very faster rate without side effects and without spending more time on points. In the Omni healing, “Shri Shiv Sai” has stated that when you take healing from an Omni healer, he himself heals you. In this program you get 5 sacred symbols in level I and 6 sacred symbols in level II. The full body session or the whole body healing takes only 10 minutes time and in these 10 minutes the energy flows at the rate of 130 million frequencies per minute. The Omni healing level I program include the self healing, the partner healing, the distant healing and the reiki box or intention healing methods for your overall development. In this program we provide the program literature,attunement,teachings and a certificate too. In the Omni Healing, the Attunements are done on the lower chakras too. In the Level-I itself, the person is attuned for two upper and two lower chakras to get full benefit on all the levels in the Omni Healing. It's better here to display the chakras for guidance.
About Omni Healing
This Video explains about Omni Healing system which is first system out of 14 Systems developed by Sameer Kale himself. Omni Healing provides very powerful energy healing. It gives total energy protection to person receiving its initiation or attunement.