Omni Kshitij is one of new and powerful Omni program developed by Sameer Kale of India. Omni means Universe and Kshitij means Supreme Height. Here it correlates with boosting up the energy level.
Omni Kshitij is good for those who really want to understand themselves.This works with our behavior, Chakras, Meridians and Aura.
Omni Kshitij is basically exploring possibilities within yourself. This works with our different states of mind including Unconscious, Subconscious and Super Conscious mind.
With this program, one Powerful Attunement and Mantra is provided. With this mantra, you can work for Mental, Psychological, Emotional, Karmic and Spiritual level problems for self and others.
Very easy to learn and above all with positive energies and clearing off negative energies while working with Omni Kshitij...
Omni Kshitij was developed by Sameer Kale in 2018.
Omni Kshitij by Sameer Kale
This is the video about Omni Kshitij system- 13th System out of 14 Omni Systems so far. This was developed by Sameer Kale himself.