Welcome to very new system of healing introduced for the people of world to experience very powerful energy form for those who already completed at least Omni Anugrah level-II from me.
Omni Saitva- We keep more emphasis on Five Elements and their Energies. The word Saitva mean Sai’s elements from Shri Shiv Sai and Shivananda. Many students and disciples know that Shivananda is another spiritual name of Dr.Sameer Kale. Omni Saitva system is based upon guidance and messages from Shri Shiv Sai and in physical form from Shri Satya Sai directly to Shivananda. This new system will be helpful to clear all negative odds even on all levels like with more power and ease. The energy form in this system is mainly the yang , yin,tantra and five element’s energies together. The working is entirely different as it doesn’t have any symbols again and we use mantras relating to different elements for our betterment. .
In the Omni Saitva system, you will find very rapid and powerful energy all around your body and inside your chakras with a glimpse of Shivananda’s image to clear all problems of your life on any level whatsoever.
Omni Saitva was developed by Sameer Kale in 2001